Becoming a professional Class A CDL truck driver can be a rewarding career choice, as these professionals play a crucial role in transporting goods and materials across the country. However, it requires a significant amount of training and dedication to succeed in this field.


To obtain a Class A CDL, individuals must typically be at least 21 years old and pass a physical examination and obtain a medical certificate. They must also pass a written test and a road test to demonstrate their knowledge of traffic laws and their ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle.


There are several different training programs available to help individuals prepare for a career as a Class A CDL truck driver. These programs can be found at private schools, trucking companies, and community colleges, and they vary in length and cost. Completing a training program can increase job opportunities and salary potential, as it demonstrates a commitment to the field and a level of competency.


Once an individual has obtained their Class A CDL, they can begin searching for job opportunities. Researching different companies and their specific requirements can help individuals find the best fit for their skills and goals. Applying for jobs and preparing for interviews can also be helpful in securing a position. Negotiating salary and benefits can also be an important aspect of finding the right job.

Maintaining a professional career as a Class A CDL truck driver requires ongoing compliance with regulations and laws, as well as a clean driving record. Getting endorsements like, Hazmat, etc. can also help individuals stay up to date on industry developments and maintain their skills.

Becoming a professional Class A CDL truck driver requires a combination of training, dedication, and professionalism. However, the rewards of this career, including the opportunity to travel and the satisfaction of playing a crucial role in society, can make it a fulfilling and rewarding choice.


Here at ATIM, we provide Freightliner Cascadias on our Rental and Lease-Purchase Program. They come equipped with powerful inverters, fridges, and an HVAC system that doesn’t require the truck to idle. The Freightliner is one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the road. If you have a Class A CDL and want to long-haul, ATIM is hiring OTR truckers. Our drivers take home $3,000 + a week after all expenses. 
We don’t offer CDL training at ATIM, but there are many companies and opportunities for receiving your CDL Class A and hopefully in two years we will see your application.