You Should Consider a Truck Rental or Lease-Purchase Program

If you are a Class A CDL holder and have a few years of experience under your belt, you may begin dreaming of becoming an owner-operator.  One of those paths is joining a rental or lease purchase program.  In a lease-purchase program you nearly have the freedom of an owner-operator, but you will run for a carrier while paying off your truck and earning much more money than a company driver. 

Rental/Lease Program

In a rental/ lease program, you rent/lease equipment from the carrier.  During a rental/lease program, you won’t have a choice on the truck, but generally maintenance and mechanical breakdowns are included.  The carrier will book your loads and you will need to run under their authority.  Not all rental programs are the same. 

Rental Program at ATIM

However, here at ATIM, we offer a rental program where you get paid 82% gross load, we cover the cargo, liability, and trailer rent, you would just pay for the truck and fuel.  Our drivers are averaging $3,000 a week after expenses under our rental program. And that is generally the same as owner-operator money.  Ask us for paystubs, we will send you a few to look at.  

Lease-Purchase Program

Lease-purchase programs give you a chance to purchase the vehicle,but sometimes there are down payments for these programs.  You will still lease-purchase the vehicle through a carrier and have to run under their authority during the duration of the lease purchase period.  You will have a chance to lease-purchase new or newer equipment. Under lease-purchase programs the driver will be responsible for the insurance and maintenance on the truck. And sometimes some companies charge a balloon payment at the end.

Lease-Purchase at ATIM

Again, not all lease purchase programs are the same, but here at ATIM we offer a 3 year lease-purchase program with no balloon payment at the end.  We just hand over the title.  After you pay off your truck, you are an owner-operator.  Also at bloom we have many who have already paid off their trucks and stay on as independent owner-operators.  The reasons they stay after paying off their truck are our fantastic dispatchers, our shop, and the support we offer owner-operators. 

Truck Rental and Lease-Purchase Requirements

We only have three main requirements. 
You need 2 years of Class A OTR experience.
You need to be able to go to all 48 states. 
And you need to be out for 3 weeks at a time.

If you are interested in taking home over  $3,000 + a week in a stellar rental or lease-purchase program.  Apply right away or call our office for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you.